Stable extinguishing equipment FIRESTOP

Stable extinguishing equipment FIRESTOP

IRESTOP® stable extinguishing equipment (SEE) is suitable for the protection of a small server and also a spacious room.


FIRESTOP® stable extinguishing equipment (SEE) is suitable for the protection of a small server and also a spacious room. Containers can be used with capacity for 1 kg of extinguishing agent as well as the new 60 kg of extinguishing agent (specifically 1; 2; 4; 6; 12 and 60 kg or a combination of various modules with a content of 12-30 kg). The size of the area being protected is thus not restricted. The principle for extinguishing is practically the same for all sizes. A senor (sensors) are positioned in the area being protected whether this concerns smaller technology or a spacious room and on the basis of impulses from this electromagnetic valves are opened on individual containers and the subsequent release of extinguishing agent via distribution tubes and jets into the protected area or onto the protected technology. Containers (extinguishing agent dispensers) are emptied within 10 seconds and the required extinguishing concentration is created in the area being protected in order to extinguish the blaze.

The standard extinguishing agent used is gas FE-36, which has suitable characteristics not only for the purposes of local extinguishing, but also for larger spaces. Communication with central fire alarm offices, light and acoustic signalisation or with other modern technologies (GSM modules and similar), disconnection of air-conditioning, electrical energy supply from protected equipment in the event of activation of the SFE etc. is a matter of course and even in this case is not restricted in any manner.

Compared to other SEE, FIRESTOP® can usually be implemented without any construction alterations. The containers do not place any high demands on space and the tube distribution system is very flexible and is able to adapt especially to customer requirements and the characteristics of individual spaces to the maximum possible extent. The main field of use is for protection of computing and other technology, archives, electronic and electrical equipment etc. The scope for application of FIRESTOP® SEE really is wide and with a view to the fact that our company is constantly working on the development of new products, the possibilities of FIRESTOP are constantly expanding.

FIRESTOP® stable extinguishing equipment has all the requisite certification (Engineering Test Institute in Brno and Testing and Control Building Institute in Prague) and are manufactured like all products offered by our company within the framework of a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001. SEE has already been installed in many important companies, businesses and governmental institutions for the protection of various technologies. We would be happy to provide you with information about applications that have been implemented, methods of protection for individual pieces of equipment, references, methods of protection for specific pieces of equipment and the possibilities of this system or explain these matters to you personally.

SHZ FE36 - protokol o výsledku centifikace (489.9 KB)

SHZ FE36 - centifikát výrobku (228.9 KB)

SHZ HFC-227ea - protokol o výsledku centifikace (3.9 MB)

SHZ HFC-227ea - centifikát (721.5 KB)

SHZ HFC-227ea - CA60F - Protokol o centifikaci (3.9 MB)

SHZ HFC-227ea - CA60F - centifikát (752.2 KB)


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